Andrew Birtles is truly one of arts hidden treasures.  Now at over 70, he is still constantly produces high quality thought inducing pieces despite overcoming many personal obstacles including the loss of one eye!

Infuenced by his home city of Sheffield and now his adopted city of Hull his pieces have been exhibited at the Crucible Theatre, the Archipelago gallery and many smaller art spaces in Sheffield. He is currently working towards a full exhibition in Hull in early 2021 and his piece 'Imagine' has been chosen for the forthcoming Ferens 2020 Open Exhibition beating thousands of entries.


As well as producing his personal pieces Andrew also undertakes personal commissions, whether that be portraits, compositions or Murals.


Whilst some of the above pieces are sold they are all available as limited prints.


If you are interested in purchasing any of them, want an original painting of your own or just want an informal chat about any of his pieces or the 'art of the possible' please contact us now 



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